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The season starts with a bang "Per Pedal zur Poesie", a half-hour film about a culturally very high-quality tour around the Alb with poets from the region.

In editing and the consistency of the stories, I become more confident and at the same time more courageous.

This year I make some of my most beautiful films, but at the same time they are very difficult to understand and follow.

One example is the film "Hätte, hätte - Fahrradkette", in which I had to call the ADFC breakdown service in the middle of the forest in the greatest distress.

Small mayoral round

A round with the mayor of Kirchheim, Angelika Matt-Heidecker

Through vineyards to Beutelsbach

Ascension Day Command

A heavenly tour along the fruit route

Coulda, woulda - bicycle chain

Breakdowns, misfortunes and mishaps on a tour and rescue by the ADFC breakdown service

ADFC Cycling Star Tour 2017 - Part 3 "Return journey"

ADFC Cycling Star Tour 2017 - Part 2 "City Tour"

ADFC Cycling Star Tour 2017 - Part 1 "Stewardship"

Magnificent views - fierce torments

Of Romans and Earthworms HQ (High Quality)

Of Romans and Earthworms SQ (Standard Quality)

Slightly hilly into the Kirchheim hinterland

Through the Sauhag: A short Filder tour

On the way to work - the most travelled route

Pedalling to poetry - a literary cycle tour

A half-hour excursion to poets and thinkers of the region.