On the trail of a recumbent trike

TrikeTracks, these are the tracks of a recumbent trike. Yes, my recumbent trike!

Movies I publish since I own this unusual bike and enjoy riding experience and perspective.

The exceptionally deep perspective is the big surprise for many. So deep - you can't see anything - most say. On the contrary, on a recumbent trike you have a wonderfully relaxed view and the panorama unfolds for you.

This, together with the driving experience I want to convey. This thought came already during the first tours. It was the desire to convey this and to show others how beautiful cycling can be. Sounds perhaps banal, but for me this is the motivation.

Yes, it developed a little differently. As much as I stay in the background in the film, in retrospect the traces of a recumbent trike are also my own traces. It's become my definitive hobby, so it's part of my personality - and there's no hiding that in the films.