In 2023, it starts with newly dubbed films from previous years.

I've made fewer films and therefore have no surplus from the previous year. 

Until the new season starts and new films are added, I'll work on older films that had bad sound at the time.

Of course it will continue with different day tours and also the Critical Mass events will contribute with films. On top of that I'm still planning multi-day tours, I just can't leave it alone.

The Bürglesgeist 🦶 Saga about the ruin Hahnenkamm

Bike tour via Nabern and Bissingen up to the ruin Hahnenkamm. With a legend of the Bürglesgeist.


01.01.2023 09:00

The Postmichel 🎺The legend about the fish fountain of Esslingen

Exploration tour to Esslingen and the legend of the Postmichel.


08.01.2023 09:00

Jewels in the Lenningen Valley 👑 Natural spectacles and places of interest

Known and hidden highlights in the Lenningen Valley


15.01.2023 09:00

Cradle of mankind 🌄 The Lone Valley

In the Paleolithic Age, the Lone Valley was the settlement site of Homo Sapiens.


22.01.2023 09:00