Peace Tours

In addition to many day tours, the desire for guided tours lasting several days has arisen in recent years among some regular participants.

During the preparatory meeting for the first guided tour, the question arose as to the name of this tour.

A look at the calendar brought the solution! The day of our tour was marked in the calendar as Peace Day.

It was a Bavarian calendar, there with "peace day" something completely different is meant, but we could not know that.

So we thought: Sure, if we already drive on the peace day, then it can only be a "peace tour". So now all multi-day tours around 08 August are called peace tours.

We ride every tour with peaceful intentions and with joy in our hearts.

This is our contribution to world peace.

The 1st Kirchheim Peace Tour 2018

The first tour was immediately a complete success.

The route led us with Albaufstieg via Grabenstetten through the long valley to Blaustein. From there along the Blau to Schmiechen, where we stayed in a very good inn.

The next day, we rode along the Danube for a while until we reached the large Lautertal valley. We drove up the valley to Stahlecker Hof, where we camped for the night.

The third day led us down to Reutlingen and then with detours along the Neckar back.

The routes can be accessed via the following maps.

The 2nd Kirchheim Peace Tour 2018


After the success of the first tour immediately another.

However, more or less unplanned, so that we had problems finding accommodation along the way. It all worked out, but I learned from it and prepare the next tours meticulously.

The route led us from Herrenberg to Wildberg. There we followed the Enz, past Pforzheim to Ötisheim for our first overnight stay.

The second day took us via Maulbronn Monastery to Sternenfels and over the Stromberg into the Zaber Valley. Following the Zaber to the Neckar, where we finally found accommodation in Sontheim.

On the third day in the direction of Oberstenfeld into the Bottwartal. Then along the Murr to Winnenden. There through the valley of the Buchenbach and along the Weilerbach to Schorndorf.

The route can be accessed via the following link.

The 3rd Kirchheim Peace Tour 2019


This time the peace tour was much longer and also more elaborately planned and elaborated.

The theme was the two valleys of Kocher and Jagst.

However, not the classic Kocher-Jagst cycle path, but a specially elaborated tour with the sites of my former work. I grew up in the area. More precisely, in the Hohenlohe plain, in Hausen am Bach. My school days were in Jagstheim, where we will spend the night for the last stage.

A tour with a lot of culture for some, and moving moments for me.

In addition to a trailer, which I have linked next to it, there is a separate film for each stage. In addition, there is a Christmas edition of the complete tour.

The 4th Kirchheim Peace Tour 2020

The longest peace tour so far. Perfectly worked out and best planned - and still with unexpected surprise.


The theme was Altmühl and Danube.

Start was in Aalen. From there to Ellwangen, where we meet our fellow cyclist Tjard from Berlin. Together further to Dinkelsbühl.

From Dinkelsbühl to Rothenburg ob der Tauber with sightseeing.

Further along the Altmühl to Aurach. There Tjard leaves us again, because of problems with the bike.

The two of us continue along the Altmühl to Möhren.

Then through perhaps the most beautiful section to Dietfurt on the Altmühl.

From there to the confluence with the Danube at Kehlheim and further along the Danube to Bad Gögging.

On to Neuburg on the Danube, Bernd's home.

The last stage takes us via Donauwörth to Höchstädt on the Danube.

There is a trailer and a separate film for each of the nine stages. The entire route with each individual stage is available for download.

The 5th Kirchheim Peace Tour 2021

The next peace tour from 05.08.2021 to 08.08.2021. Four days perfectly worked out and best planned with 3 very nice overnight stays.


The theme is Upper Swabia, in the footsteps of Pastor Kneipp.

There will be 4 easy stages with 3 overnight stays.

Possibly, due to the Corona restrictions, tangled conditions are to be expected.

The entire route with each individual stage is available for download.

The 6th Kirchheim Peace Tour 2021

The sixth Peace Tour took place from 12.08.2021 to 15.08.2021.

Four days with 3 beautiful nights.


The theme was the Ostalb with a detour to the Wörnitz.

There were four moderately difficult stages with three overnight stays.

Possibly, due to the Corona restrictions, confused conditions are to be expected.

The entire route with each individual stage is available for download at this link.

The 7th Kirchheim Peace Tour 2022

The seventh Peace Tour will take place from 06.08.2021 to 10.08.2022.

Five wonderful days with 4 beautiful overnight stays. The tour was already fully booked after one day, except for one last place.


The theme is the Upper Palatinate with a focus on rivers and railroad lines.

We visit Regensburg and Abensberg.

Possibly, due to the Corona restrictions, we can again expect crazy conditions. After all, we are riding through Bavaria!

The entire route with each individual stage is available for download at this link.

Pre-registration is possible under the ADFC tour portal. The final registration will be made only after consultation.


All films about my Kirchheim peace tours are summarised in a separate playlist.