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2024 is starting slowly. I'm concentrating on other projects first and making fewer films.

In any case, last year was the most productive year I've ever had, with over 56 films. I used to celebrate that as an "all time high".

There will also be day tours and sightseeing this year. There will only be a few other cycling events.

Instead, I am planning 2 new multi-day tours. Let me surprise you!

Filme 2024

If, then properly - demands on the cycle path

At 3 metres, the new cycle path is still too narrow.


10.03.2024 09:00

Cycling 2024 - The Alb foreland in spring

Just like a river that flows gently through the landscape, so do the words we share.


28.04.2024 09:00

36th Kirchheim Critical Mass - Do the dead live longer?

Not so long ago, our Critical Mass was still on the brink of collapse.


05.05.2024 09:00

Jacob's Well - Rest on the Way of St James

It is not only a spiritual experience, but also offers breathtaking landscapes and cultural experiences.


12.05.2024 09:00

Political city cycling - stressful intersections and dead ends

The representatives of all political groups in the municipal council are invited to the cycle tour.


19.05.2024 09:00

So Socialmediaclips - hots ghoisa

Take it easy, dude


26.05.2024 09:00

4th Kirchheim Kidical Mass

Cycling should feel safe and comfortable.


02.06.2024 09:00

Of deer that aren't deer - and from behind the Limburg

To the Schillerlinde, the Luther oak, the Sauerbrunnen and the red deer, which is not one.


09.06.2024 09:00

To the fortress - and firmly back

To the former state fortress of Schorndorf and back on the S-Bahn. At least that was the plan.


16.06.2024 09:00